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MacFinancial Group has been assisting clients to make smart choices since 1989, and we continue to look after a diverse group of clients both locally and throughout Australia.

We are very ‘service focused’, and our advice is carefully personalised to each and every client.

We work from our home office in Murwillumbah, where clients receive professional attention, or we may be able to arrange a mutually suitable time to come to you.

As Risk Insurance Specialists we have witnessed countless examples of how a well-structured personal insurance portfolio benefits individuals, their families and businesses, in times of crisis.

Life takes us all on a journey – some adventures are warmly welcomed, and some completely unexpected and unwanted.

We can help you put things in place to ensure the bumps in the road don’t completely derail your financial future.


Our Client Services

Most large financial planning firms and "private banking" services in Australia are fully or partially owned by banks or other financial institutions. AIOFP advisers are not affiliated with specific banks or insurance companies, which means we work only for you, the client. There is NO “hard sell”. We will always put your needs first – contact us for further information.


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